5 Warning Signs: Is it Time to Replace Your Doors?

Do you notice when a window in your home has a crack?

You might not have thought about it, but it is also important to pay attention to the entrance doors of your home so that they last over time.

Cracked or corroded doors are not only unsightly, but they cause structural weakness in the door and potential openings for insects and hot air to enter the home. If you want to keep your doors in good shape not only for aesthetics, but also for security and energy efficiency, pay attention to these five signs:

1) Does the door stick or is it difficult to open or close?
If you need to use pressure to open or close a door, it’s time to have an expert assess the door. When you need to force open or close a door, you cause even more damage to the door, potentially impacting its structural integrity.

2) Is the door cracked and peeling?
Over time, doors succumb to the general wear and tear of use, age, and weather. If you live in a particularly warm climate such as South Florida, your doors may age even faster. When doors age, they are prone to warping and cracking, weakening the door structure and potentially the safety of your home.

3) Do you notice condensation on the glass window of your door?
Moisture between a double-paned glass door means that the seal is broken, and the moisture within can cause mold and mildew. If the door is not replaced, it can become not only an eyesore, but also an odorous health hazard.

4) Does the door have rust and corrosion?
If your door shows any rust or corrosion, it’s time to have a professional assess the situation. Corrosion can weaken the door in addition to creating an unsightly entrance to your home.

5) Do you notice light around the door? Is there any insect or termite damage to the door?
If you have had termites in your home, be sure to request that the pest control company check carefully for damage to the door. If termites or other insects have been living in or are currently living in the door, it is time to replace promptly.

Assessing entrance doors and determining when it is time to replace will not only give your home more curb appeal, it will also make your home safer, more structurally sound, and more energy efficient.

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