Commercial Storefront



When it comes to retail and commercial store front windows and doors, it’s practically – if not entirely – necessary to go impact. When a hurricane hits the results can be devastating. Nobody wants to have to deal with the aftermath of a hurricane, especially when it comes to cleaning up your business. That is why the best course of action to take is to get guaranteed hurricane protection with impact resistant windows and doors.

Protects Store and Goods

One of the more apparent benefits of switching out current windows and doors at a retail or commercial location with ones that are high impact is that the change can protect the whole store from the effects of a hurricane. Tropical storms and hurricanes can leave horrific results, especially on homes, businesses, and grounds that do not have the proper hurricane-resistant materials. CitiQuiet provides excellent quality, hurricane-resistant windows and doors that are guaranteed to withstand winds up to 170 miles per hour. This level of strength for hurricane protection is ideal for retail and commercial locations because the impact glass is essentially shatterproof.

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We have provided sliding doors and French doors to homes and businesses throughout South Florida. Check out the commercial gallery to view some of the businesses in the community that we have serviced.

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