Benefits Of Storm Resistant Windows & Doors

Throughout the past few decades we’ve learned more and more about hurricanes, how they form, what makes them move and how to better protect ourselves from the elements of these dangerous storms. Thanks to the advancements in meteorology and technology, we’ve made great strides in understanding how to better protect ourselves and our properties from hurricane season.

One thing is certainly clear, outdated materials used to build homes even 25 years ago, are no longer strong enough to endure the devastation of strong and relentless storms. We learned from the wreckage caused by Hurricane Matthew that protection and preparation is the number one way to keep yourself and your family safe.

Installing dual-layered windows and doors will help prevent more than just wind damage. For those living on the shore, our windows and doors can also protect from wave and water damage. If the first layer of glass is penetrated by water, the second layer can prevent your home or business from flooding. Keeping your property dry can avert major loss of personal belongings and water damage that could negatively impact the structural integrity of your home.

On top of the great water protection our windows and doors offer, they are also mechanically sound and able to withstand high wind gusts. Standard and outdated windows and doors are sure to shake, crack and pose a threat as flying projectile during the height of a bad storm. Don’t let your own windows and doors become a danger to you and your loved ones. Equip your home with windows and doors that will make you feel safe and protected.

Living in South Florida has immense perks but it’s also important to prepare for the worst when it comes to inclement weather. Call our customer service reps to set up a consultation for your home whether it’s new or old! We have styles that are sure to fit your taste while upholding structural integrity to perform optimally during hurricane season to protect you and your family.

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