Best New Doors When Remodeling Your Home

If you are planning a remodeling project, make sure to carefully consider the doors you select for your new room. Hurricane impact glass doors are stylish while providing enhanced safety and energy efficiency.

Safety Features
You may already know that hurricane impact glass doors provide an additional measure of safety to your home during a hurricane or other major weather event. But, did you know that they increase the safety of your home every day? Due to their thickness and multiple layers, hurricane impact doors are virtually impenetrable to even the most determined burglar.

Energy Efficiency
Hurricane impact doors are more highly insulated than typical glass doors. This helps the cool air stay inside your home while the hot air stays out – lowering your electricity costs. In addition, numerous types of glazing are available to further reduce the amount of solar heat that enters into your home.

Door Styles
One of the most popular options right now are bi-fold doors. These doors are constructed from multiple glass panes on a single track that fold as they open. The folded doors can be tucked completely out of sight. When closed, the doors often appear as a glass wall. These types of doors are ideal for indoor / outdoor living areas so there is an unobstructed view from the indoor room out to the pool deck or backyard. They are also a great choice for households who host many parties because they can be tucked away, improving traffic flow among your guests.

Another popular choice are French doors, sometimes referred to as hinged doors. French doors provide a classically elegant look that is always in style. They are typically hung as two doors that are hinged on the outside and swing open from the center. The doors can open toward the inside or outside. If you select French doors, make sure to leave enough clearance between your furniture and the doors since they swing open.

If you have a smaller space, sliding glass doors are the way to go. These are the doors many people picture when they envision patio doors. These doors are a great option for smaller spaces because they stay flush with the wall when opened. They can come either with or without a screen.

Still not sure which doors are the right choice for your home remodeling project? Stop by our new showroom in Boca Raton or give us a call and we will bring the showroom to you. We will gladly meet with you or your architect in your home to review your plans and provide recommendations for the best door styles that will enhance the beauty and functionality of your home.

Since 2012, CitiQuiet Windows and Doors has been engineering and installing high-quality impact windows, doors, and shutters for residential and commercial buildings throughout Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties.

Based in Boca Raton, CitiQuiet Windows and Doors offers a turnkey service to clients including initial design, engineering, and permitting, installation and finish work. From elegant French doors to hurricane impact-resistant windows and sliding glass doors, CitiQuiet Windows and Doors has your solution.

At CitiQuiet Windows and Doors, we carry only the highest-quality products from the nation’s top manufacturers – and we stand behind everything we sell. For a free estimate, contact CitiQuiet Windows and Doors at 561-241-9463, visit us at, or stop by the showroom today at 6530 West Rogers Circle, Suite 29, Boca Raton, FL 33487.

With an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB), CitiQuiet Windows and Doors consistently strives to exceed customer expectations.

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