Checklist: Is Your Home Hurricane Ready?

When the calendar hits June, summer is here and so is hurricane season. Whether you are new to South Florida or a life-long resident, it’s important to take the necessary steps each season to prepare your home for a hurricane. Following is a checklist to help prepare your home for hurricane season:
Ensure windows and doors are hurricane impact approved.

If you have an older house without updated windows and/or doors, now is a good time to look into upgrading all or some of your home’s openings with hurricane impact windows and doors. Having hurricane impact windows and doors means that you may not need to use shutters when a hurricane approaches. The knowledgeable staff at CitiQuiet Windows and Doors would be happy to meet with you to discuss the different options available and help you select which windows and/or doors are right for your home.

Clean and test your shutters to ensure they are functional and ready to use.
If you use hurricane shutters instead of hurricane impact windows and doors, it’s essential that they are ready to use at a moment’s notice. If you have roll down shutters, check the motor to make sure it is functioning properly. If you have folding or colonial shutters, clean them and check that they operate properly. For colonial shutters, make sure that you know where the storm bars are located and that they are in good working order as well. For removable storm panel shutters, ensure they are clean and undamaged and that you have the necessary hardware to install them. If you don’t have a lot of experience installing them, now would be a good time to practice so you can do it as quickly as possible when a hurricane approaches.

Regardless of shutter type, if any of your shutters are damaged or not functioning properly, fix or replace them right away. Contact the experienced team at CitiQuiet with any questions about the specifics of your shutters.

Take in or securely tie down all outdoor furniture.
With high winds, anything not tied down can become a projectile and damage your property or someone else’s. Small items should be moved to a shed, garage, or inside your home. Larger items that cannot be moved indoors should be moved to a protected area and tied down with bungee cords and wood posts. Maintain your landscaping and property.

Before winds whip, remove any dead trees to prevent them from falling and causing damage. Clean your gutters to prevent them from backing up during the hurricane. Finally, find a roofer to inspect your roof for any missing or loose tiles or shingles.

Check if your neighbors need help with their hurricane preparation.
It’s the friendly thing to do and could help prevent their picnic table from ending up in your pool.

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