CitiQuiet for your Commercial Space

When it comes to your business space, it’s important to invest in the best windows and doors possible to ensure you are getting the highest quality for your money’s worth. When building or renovating your commercial space in southern Florida, make sure you consider the following things before ordering just any windows and doors:


The wear and tear of humidity in our region can really do a number on windows and doors that aren’t up to par with today’s standards. Humidity can corrode the infrastructure of frames and even interfere with mechanical abilities like locks, slides and hinges. Have a consultant come take a look at your commercial space and assess the damage that exists on your current systems, even if there is no rust prevalent.

Tropical Storms

South Floridians are no strangers to severe weather and we know that our homes and businesses need to be fully equipped and prepared to handle the high winds, destructive rains and large-scale systems that come through our area. The damage this weather can cause to windows and doors can range from slight dents to severe destruction. It’s absolutely imperative to make sure that your business is protected from these weather patterns. If you have a large number of windows and doors in your commercial space, make sure they will withstand the rain, sun and wind. Replacing these systems after every severe storm will end up costing much more than installing quality windows and doors from the get-go.

Contact CitiQuiet for a professional evaluation of the current windows and doors systems within your commercial space. We have many models and options that will work for whatever kind of business you are running and our professionals can assist with inspections, quotes and top quality installation.

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