Facts to Consider before Embarking on DIY Window Installation

If you consider yourself to be the handyman (or woman) of the house, surely you’ve thought about doing some major projects like reframing or replacing your windows. If you have a workshop full of tools, this kind of home improvement is more than a chore; it’s somewhat of a hobby. While embarking on DIY projects around the house can save you money in labor fees, there is a list of downsides to consider before taking window replacement into your own hands.

  • Modern day, professional grade windows are created with special features that make them tough, energy efficient and beautiful. In order to take advantage of all these things, they have to be installed correctly. Professionals are trained specifically to pay close attention to these important features and will ensure there are no gaps, cracks or other issues that a novice installer may run into.
  • Professional installation help avoid the risk of damages and injury. Scaling stories on a ladder while hauling large window frames can be very dangerous and is better left to trained professionals.
  • Once new windows and doors are installed, it’s crucial for them to be sealed properly. Without expert sealing, these windows will eventually leak which can lead to rotting, mold and other problems for your home.
  • Mistakes happen, but mistakes can also be expensive. If you’re investing in improving your home and buying the necessary materials, invest a little more into proper installation so you don’t end up paying twice as much to have professional come fix a failed project. When it’s time to change your windows and doors, leave it to the professionals. You want this kind of project to be done right, the first time.

While some home improvement projects can be rewarding and fun, this level of craftsmanship and installation should be left to the trained professionals. Once you’ve decided on the model of windows and/or doors, it’s time to sit back while someone else does the work into making your home valuable and beautiful. Call CitiQuiet for an estimate today!

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