Global Climate Change and Your Home’s Windows

2023 was the Earth’s hottest year ever recorded[1].  Our planet is continuing to warm each year due to a buildup of greenhouse gases, such as carbon monoxide and methane. As the amount of these gases in our atmosphere grows, they trap the sun’s heat close to the Earth, causing the air and water to heat up. For those of us living in Florida, aside from making our summers even hotter, this climate change increases the dangers of powerful hurricanes.

How Hurricanes Form

The oceans absorb the bulk of the heat trapped in the atmosphere. This past year, the surface water off the coast of Florida reached as high as 100 degrees, a temperature we tend to associate more with a bathtub than an ocean[2].  When the water is that warm, it provides extra energy to the hurricane, intensifying it. On top of that, warmer air holds more moisture than cool air, causing more intense rainfall during the hurricane. Preliminary evidence also indicates that the warmer temperatures are causing the hurricanes to move more slowly and stall in some places, increasing the amount of water damage to communities[3]. The ultimate impact of this climate change is that we can anticipate hurricane winds will continue to intensify, rainfall totals will continue to climb, and hurricanes’ devastating tolls will continue to climb.

What Do These Hurricane Changes Mean for My Home?

With stronger winds, more rain, and slower-moving hurricanes, the need for home hurricane protection will continue to grow in the future. One of the smartest investments you can make in your Florida home is replacing your old windows and doors with hurricane-impact windows and doors. These windows and doors are manufactured using multiple layers of tempered glass with a polymer layer sandwiched between them. The resulting glass panel is so strong that if it is hit with a tree branch during a category 5 storm, it won’t shatter. You don’t even need hurricane shutters. Your days of running around trying to reach second floor shutters with a long pole or ladder, or worrying that your motorized shutters may malfunction, are over. Hurricane impact windows are available in every architectural style – double hung, casement, bay, picture… just to name some of the most popular ones.

Hurricane impact windows and doors are the gold standard in hurricane protection. Contact CitiQuiet Windows and Doors to learn about all the benefits these windows and doors offer. We offer a wide variety of brands and prices to fit all styles and budgets. Our knowledgeable associates will develop a bespoke plan for your home.

Since 2012, CitiQuiet Windows and Doors has been engineering and installing high-quality impact windows, doors, and shutters for residential and commercial buildings throughout Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties. 

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