Hurricane Code South Florida: 2020 Update

Hurricane Zones For Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach CountySince the strike of Hurricane Andrew back in 1992, South Florida has made many advancements for hurricane code designations and has adopted very-strong building codes across the board. Florida is a big state and with water on both sides, it is all hurricane vulnerable.

In 2002, Florida implemented a statewide building code which made a real difference. Miami-Dade and Broward counties are now part of a High-Velocity Hurricane Zone, where local code requires that a building’s entire area including windows and doors incorporate a lab-tested, wind-resistant design. These requirements vary in the northern parts of the state based on predictions of where peak winds will be the strongest.

Building Codes Updated
For the last few years, Florida’s building code has used standards from the International Code Council (ICC) as its base for updates every three years. Overall, the state planners take the latest ICC standards and use them as a starting point. They then enhance the code to address Florida-specific measures as needed.

This all changed back in 2017, when the Florida legislature voted to no longer base the code on the ICC releases. Instead, the state is now free to pick and choose whichever code revisions it deems most appropriate without changes being triggered by ICC code changes.

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