It’s All About the Timing: When to Replace Windows & Doors

It’s all about the timing. 

As hurricane season approaches, many Floridians think about replacing their windows and doors.  Sometimes the decision is strategic because they’re looking to make an investment with a just-in-time approach, other times window replacement just gets pushed down on the “to do” list until it’s almost too late.

Waiting until hurricane season to replace windows and doors in South Florida is not recommended.  Why?

  1. Summer months are infamous for daily, heavy rains which can interfere with installation and delay timelines.
  • Tropical storms and hurricanes can quickly form between August and October, obstructing any type of home maintenance or installation and pushing out timelines. 
  • Leading window and door replacement companies such as CitiQuiet Windows and Doors get very busy during the summer season and consequently turnaround times may be longer.

It’s all about the timing. 

Winter is the optimal time to replace doors and windows in South Florida.  Why?

  1. Plenty of sunshine and minimal rain between November and February means quick and easy installation with speedy timelines for homeowners.
  2. Because there is such high demand in summer, replacing windows and doors in winter or spring means fast service, efficient installation, and personal attention.
  3. Dry, pleasantly cooler temperatures mean that winter installation will be more comfortable for the homeowner and occupants as our experienced team swaps out old windows and doors for beautiful, energy-efficient and durable, hurricane-resistant new ones.
  4. Start enjoying the quiet, peaceful beauty of your new windows today.

Don’t wait until summer approaches! 

In South Florida’s unpredictable weather, impact windows and doors are not just a luxury; they are a prerequisite.  Your new windows will not only be strong enough to withstand hurricane-force winds, but they will also provide energy efficiency, soundproofing, ultraviolet ray (UV) protection, and curb appeal.

It’s all about the timing.  What are you waiting for? 

If you’re ready to consider the value of your home with energy-efficient, tempered, impact-resistant windows, it’s time to contact CitiQuiet Windows and Doors for a free estimate.

CitiQuiet Windows and Doors

Since 2012, CitiQuiet Windows and Doors has been engineering and installing high-quality impact windows and doors for residential and commercial buildings throughout Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties. 

Based in Boca Raton, CitiQuiet Windows and Doors offers a turnkey service to clients including initial design, engineering and permitting, installation and finish work.  From elegant French doors to hurricane impact-resistant windows and sliding glass doors, CitiQuiet Windows and Doors has your solution. 

At CitiQuiet Windows and Doors, we carry only the highest-quality products from the nation’s top manufacturers – and we stand behind everything we sell.  For a free estimate, contact CitiQuiet Windows and Doors at 561-241-9463, visit us,  or stop by the showroom today at 910 Clint Moore Road, Boca Raton, FL 33487.

With an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB), CitiQuiet Windows and Doors consistently strives to exceed customer expectations.

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