Replacing Contractor-grade Windows and Doors

If you’ve built a house recently or purchased a home that has been built in the past 15 years, you’re probably unaware of the problems that may be lurking along your walls. During new construction, many contractors use cheap shortcuts to maximize their profits. This means using lower quality windows and doors that may look okay but might not be up to par with standards. People assume you have to wait until your windows and doors are broken and sills are falling apart. That kind of wear probably will not happen on vinyl windows that have been installed in your home years ago because the material can withstand a lot of abuse, but are they really as efficient as they seem? You’d be surprised.

If you suspect the contractor that built your home may have cut corners and skimped on quality windows, the best way to check is to measure how energy efficient they are during extreme weather. If you find that your energy bills are inexplicably high, this may be one of the core reasons. If you frequently find condensation collecting between your window panes, this is also another sign they are lacking proper sealing and installation. Does your storm door leak cold air during the winter? Do you find yourself having to insulate your windows and doors with plastic or other DIY methods during extreme weather to keep the elements out? That’s a likely sign that something isn’t right. Realizing the windows and doors in your fairly new home aren’t the best can be frustrating, but replacing them isn’t as hard as you may think. Give CitiQuiet a call for an inspection of your current windows and doors. They will be able to tell you exactly what grade of efficiency you are running at and whether or not your windows and doors are helping or hurting the value of your home.

Our associates will be able to give you a concise yet informative run-down of the process of window and door replacement, should you need it. Our stress-free installation will make this process as painless as possible as our promise is to complete each job with 100% customer approved satisfaction. Give us a call today!

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