Storm Proof Windows

Beyond the immense perks of living a coastal lifestyle remains the reality of hurricane season and the preparations that are necessary to ensure that your home and property can withstand the storms. Every time the city scrambles to protect itself from high winds and rain, preparing to endure another crazy hurricane season without the best possible protection is discouraging and frightening. You no longer need to put off improving your home during stormy times because the benefits of having hurricane-resistant windows installed in your home can also be an excellent investment that will add value to your home and improve the safety of your family and your belongings during troublesome weather that may arise. Be prepared this year!

The thought of high winds collapsing windows and walls in your house is terrifying but technology and advancements in engineering have allowed us to grow past boarding up our windows and doors when a storm is on its way. Withstand flying shrapnel and debris with CitiQuiet’s powerful hurricane windows and doors that are available in different styles and sizes. All products are Miami-Dade approved and come in Low-E Glass, Turtle Glass, Reflective Glass, Tinted Glass, Insulated Glass, and other glazing options that are available. There are many window style options to choose from like Horizontal Rolling windows with sliding framed glass, Single Hung windows with top and bottom sashes that operate in an up and down motion, Fixed Picture windows are customizable and Casement windows that operate with an internal crank. The best way to get an idea of how these windows look is to check out CitiQuiet’s residential gallery!

Also, did you know that your home insurance provider can offer discounts for making your home more hurricane-resistant? In Miami-Dade County, hurricane-mitigation discounts are given to homeowners making improvements to their windows and doors. Depending on your insurance premium and the age of your property, this discount can save you anywhere between 30%-40% on insurance costs. What can be better than improving your safety while also saving money?

You really have nothing to lose when it comes to your safety and the well-being of your family and home. Don’t forget to prepare and protect your commercial properties as well! Pick up your phone today and set up an estimate for high-quality hurricane-mitigation for your property the right way with quick, efficient and professional service from CitiQuiet.

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