Top 7 Benefits Countdown: Impact Windows & Doors for South Florida Commercial Buildings

Longtime business owners in hurricane-prone areas understand the importance of installing hurricane impact windows and doors in their commercial buildings. Especially in South Florida, investing in preventative maintenance such as impact windows and doors may make the difference between surviving and thriving — or filing for bankruptcy after a major storm.

The team at CitiQuiet Windows and Doors works closely with each customer to help determine the most cost-effective solution to protect each business. Whether we are working with medical facilities, office buildings, restaurants, institutions, condominiums, retail, hotels or industrial sites, we provide the highest quality commercial impact windows and doors that meet each budget.

CitiQuiet Windows and Doors specializes in the design and installation of new and replacement impact windows and doors. We only work with the highest quality commercial windows and doors from the nation’s leading manufacturers.

You haven’t invested in impact windows and doors?
Stay tuned for the countdown of the Top 7 Benefits of Impact Windows and Doors:

#7 Fade Out
Hurricane storm doors and windows can filter out up to 99% of UV rays from the strong Florida sun that can cause damage to furniture, paintings, flooring and goods in retail stores, offices, hotels, and other businesses.

#6 Better Acoustics
Impact windows and doors reduce the noise level from outside while providing a quieter, more peaceful environment for your employees.

#5 Theft Deterrence
Impact windows are made of strong materials and designed to withstand impact. The two layers of glass separated with an interlayer are difficult to break – even with a sledgehammer. As a result, impact windows can serve as an excellent anti-theft deterrent for your business.

#4 Better Value
Impact doors and windows help you maximize the value of your property! Impact windows and doors are a significant property asset for potential buyers and insurance companies.

#3 Energy Efficiency
Our impact windows and doors provide a barrier system that keeps out the heat and humidity while allowing cool, comfortable temperatures indoors. This helps lower building operating costs down and keeps management and employees happy.

#2 Post-Storm Cleanup
Regular glass shatters into millions of tiny pieces, not only causing a huge mess to clean up but also damaging products and materials nearby. Impact doors and glass are virtually shatter proof and can save you from the back-breaking work of cleaning up glass stuck in carpet and furniture.

#1 Storm Protection
Storm-proof impact windows can mean the difference between an intact office space and millions of dollars in losses of furniture, computers, and electronics. Our impact windows and doors minimize damage from high winds, flying debris, and water destruction that can cause costly interior destruction. While water may penetrate the first layer of glass, the second layer can keep your property dry, averting major damage and costs associated with flooding.

CitiQuiet Windows and Doors
Since 2012, CitiQuiet Windows and Doors has been engineering and installing high-quality impact windows and doors for residential and commercial buildings throughout Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties.
Based in Boca Raton, CitiQuiet Windows and Doors offers a turnkey service to clients including initial design, engineering and permitting, installation and finish work. From elegant French doors to hurricane impact-resistant windows and sliding glass doors, CitiQuiet Windows and Doors has your solution.

At CitiQuiet Windows and Doors, we carry only the highest-quality products from the nation’s top manufacturers – and we stand behind everything we sell. For a free estimate, contact CitiQuiet Windows and Doors at 561-241-9463, visit us at, or stop by the showroom today at 910 Clint Moore Road, Boca Raton, FL 33487.

With an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB), CitiQuiet Windows and Doors consistently strives to exceed customer expectations.

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